Donations / Give Life and Freedom

The Oscar Araripe Foundation defends the return to pure and simple donations, be they anonymous or not, directly to artists and cultural movers and shakers. This does not prevent it from producing its annual accounts correctly, since by law a not-for-profit Foundation like ours is monitored by the Federal Attorney's Office and obliged to detail its activities, income, expenditure, etc, annually. Our donators are free to give what they want, and if they do, they are automatically included in our Society of Friends and Curators, as full members.

For the sake of Freedom and Independence in creation, thought and action, for the integrity of Art and Culture, make your donation freely by means of bank deposit, as detailed below:

AFOA - Sociedade de Amigos e Curadores da Fundação Oscar Araripe
CNPJ: 11.679.882/0001-80
Banco Bradesco
Agencia: 2977-7
C/C: 0003450-9

Donations from legally registered entities (tax-deductible) are also welcomed, when expressly sent to our Foundation.
Donations of works of art also are stimulated, but they must pass for the acceptance of the direction of the Foundation.