Olympic Fine Arts 2012 / Oscar Araripe / Flowers embrace the world in exhibition at London Museum during the 30th Olympics Games

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Invited and selected by the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Fine Arts 2012, Oscar Araripe will exhibit in London Museum his painting “Flowers embrace the World”. The event is organised by the China Society for the promotion of culture and art development to support the integration between art and sports. It has the approval of China’s Culture Ministry and support of the International Olympic Committee, Greater London Authority, The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, Foreign Culture Exchange Association of China, China Artists Association, China Art Research Institute, National Museum of China and China National Art Gallery. Some 500 artists from around the world was selected in spreading the spirit and philosophy of the Olympics. During the Fine Arts 2012 ( 1 to 7 next august) Oscar Araripe it will be autographing and launching its internationally artbook.

Wang Qin, chief organizer of Olympic Fine Arts 2012, said, "Former President of International Olympic Committee, Mr Juan Antonio Samaranch once said that Olympics is the combination of sports and culture. Each Olympics event is more than 16 days of competition; it is also about a series of cultural activities, for example, Olympic fine arts exhibition, Olympic arts festival, and so on. That’s why we have a showcase booth on Olympic Fine Arts here, and it is significant to China’s transformation from a sporting country to a sports power in the world."

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Oscar Araripe Olympic Fine Arts 2012 London Flowers embrace the World


A Fundao Oscar Araripe e a World Art Foundation estabelecem relaes culturais / Oscar Araripe Foundation and World Art Foundation stablished a art & Culture relationship

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The world art foundation is an organization of professional artists that deals with the characteristics of art, its nucleus being the strength of all its combined elements and principles.


We as professional artists and members of WAF, congregate under one banner to form a unified art industry.

Free from the restrictions of geographical barriers, the men and women of WAF unite with the commonalities of the universal language of art. We are people from every city, every country joined together for the betterment of our craft, networking and sharing our knowledge to sharpen our artistic skills and expand our scope of opportunities.

A borderless nation of artists like no other nation; a global nation
dedicated to transforming the profession, the industry and the world into a
better place.

YES! We are the men and women of WAF.


The World Art Foundation strongly believes that to lead the art world you
must serve it well. It must take on the responsibility of its education, the
betterment and the well being of the artist, and most importantly, it must
advocate that the destiny of the profession must be given back to the
professional artist where it really belongs.

WAF has assembled the world’s finest professionals and respected artists.

Together we challenge any system designed to separate this association.

We reject anyone who seeks to divide us. We unite under the standard of affirmative action to build a new and better profession. Together with our technical, educational and organizational resources, we are creating a new profession that works like a business.

Together we think long term, with clear, measurable goals. We seek to
restore dignity and confidence of the profession of artists.

The men and women of the WAF are assertive in their leadership position and
are equipped with the inquisitiveness, the desire and the knowledge to make
things happen for the better. The energy of their efforts creates a powerful
movement, with the distinct possibility of transforming the profession, the
industry and the world into a better place.

YES! We are the men and women of WAF

The men and women of the World art foundation are its most important and vital commodity. Therefore WAF’s first principal of action is to continuously
seek and select committed professional s with superior attitudes who prescribe to a higher set of standards and ethics. We seek individuals who are eager to elevate the profession’s prestige and image through their persona, professionalism and achievements.

This city to city, country to country search seeks the professionals that fit
the criteria of WAF.

WAF advocates the resurgence of the art profession and this can be
accomplished only if the world’s power artists unite in spirit and action to restore the image, esteem and the importance of the profession WAF accredits these professionals with a designation of Emerging Artists,
Master of the Arts and World Master of the Arts.

To create a public awareness of these designations, WAF implements a public relations effort that will distinguish the WAF and its members.

The masters through their committee work and education programs, together
with the public relations efforts and the support of WAF headquarters, will reclaim the destiny of the art profession in the 21st century

YES! We are the men and women of WAF

WAF is building bridges with those among the curators of museums, cultural centers and galleries who are genuinely concerned with the betterment of the artists.

WAF offers these curators a closely organized, deeply committed and highly motivated group of artists that consist of the most prominent names in the national and international art scene.

WAF seeks to share participation in the direction, rules and decision making of the auction part of the industry. We need to be a constant reminder that their power exists because artists are the sources of their commodity.

YES! We are the men and women of WAF.
Jojo Marengo


Representative Reginaldo Lopes visit the Oscar Araripe Foundation

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At the day 21 of April, holiday of Tiradentes, was visiting the Oscar Araripe Foundation the representative for the Partido dos Trabalhadores, Reginaldo Lopes, followed for his wife, Cristina Maria and the director of the CEFET of Juiz de Fora, Mário Sergio Costa Vieira. Received for Oscar and Cidinha Araripe, the president of the Academy of Letters of São João del Rei city, Wainer Avila and his wife Regina, Ronaldo Tomé and his wife Rosária Faria, all members of the Society of Friends and Curators of the Oscar Araripe Foundation, the aid of the member of the house of representatives in the direction of being instituted the National Day of the Freedom was requested, where the birth of the boy will be commemorated Joaquin Jose Da Silva Xavier, the Tiradentes future. The Oscar Araripe Foundation and the Academy of Letters of São João del Rei had also requested the Reginaldo Lopes support in the accomplishment of the project of the Memorial da Fazenda do Pombal, of authorship of the architect Oscar Niemeyer and the study of the transformation of the APA of Sierra de São José in a National Park.


A Piano at the Nightfall in Tiradentes

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Inaugurating its musical programming A Piano at the Nightfall in Tiradentes, the Oscar Araripe Foundation will be presenting the Piano and Singer Recital with the artists Rute Pardini, soprano and Francisco Dos Santos Braga, pianist.

In the Program:
Brazilian National hymn / Francisco Manuel Da Silva
Prelude to a Kiss / Duke Ellington
Giusto Ciel, in tal periglio / Gioacchino Rossini
White moon / Chiquinha Gonzaga
Carinhoso / Pixinguinha
Largo of the Sonata in mi minor / Benedetto Marcello
Who knows / Carlos Gomes
In some place / Claude Santoro
For all my life / Tom Jobim
Deh vieni, non tardai / Mozart
Lyric Space / Francisco Dos Santos Braga

Day 11 of April, Saturday, 18 PM hours
Place: Gallery of the Oscar Araripe Foundation
Rua da Câmara 98 / Historical Center/Tiradentes/MG Telephone: 32 33551148

Rute Pardini, lyric soprano, possess solid academic formation, having studied in the Mozarteum College of São Paulo and gotten the degree of bachelor in the University of Brasilia. It had as orienting Hildalea Gaidzakian in São Paulo, Suzana de Sanches Lacorazza in Argentina and Irene Bentley in Brasilia. Its extensive resume of works carried through for the Country enters all, is distinguished to have acted as Suzanna in the opera the Weddings of Fígaro de Mozart (2004) and as Frasquita in the opera Carmen de Bizet (2005), in the National Theater Claude Santoro in Brasilia. In 2007, the Dream of Lady Macbeth, staged for the Director William Lopes in the square of the Museum of the Republic in Brasilia collaborated with the composer Professor Conrado Silva as Lyric Voice in the part.

Francisco Dos Santos Braga, composer bachelor for the University of Brasilia and pianist, received precious classes in São João del Rei of pianists professors Mariete Guedes, Abgar Tirado and Merces Bini Couto. In São Paulo, he attended classes with teacher João de Souza Lima (piano) and Sergio Vasconcellos Correa (composition). In Brasilia, where already he had many executed parts of its authorship, he assist five editions of the International Courses of Summer, offered for the EMB-School of Music of Brasilia, in which he had contact with new techniques of composition given by Oscar Edelstein (Argentina), Christopher Bochmann (England), beyond the Brazilians Jorge Antunes and Gilbert Mendes.


Oscar Araripe / Recent Flowers

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A Revolution in Painting is painting a new vase of flowers. Painting is an extremely difficult art that must be done with extreme ease.

Pretension. Demented art.

Synthesis: To do all you can, to make things out of everything, to paint, in the end, only flowers.

I prefer vases which are not flowers, flowers of art and art that creates flowers. Nothing can be fairer or better than a well painted still life full of movement and life.

They are only vases of flowers, just flowers.

I should speak of flowers. But no. I speak of butterflies. Flowers are worth nothing. Farfalas, papalotes, papillons, mariposas, butterflies, borboletas are farfalas, papalotes, papillons, mariposas, butterflies. Nothing more.

Look, kind sirs, at these new tablecloths. See this fire-red, this gold worthy of Saladins tent. This charcoal black, which I scarcely see, and which is made of cremated bones. Blue. Blue is the creation of yellow, great lord of the Sun, the best friend my shoulders have. Orange sweets. Memory, taste. Childhood, baby-pink. Fruit, flowers in the gardens of restituted joys.

To receive with flowers. Nothing better.

Nothing greater.

Oscar Araripe / March 2009 / Translated by Susan Casement.

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